Folding a towel swan for your guest bathroom is sure going to impress! These towel animals are often used by cruise lines and B&B Hotels to make your stay memorable.


  1. Flat bath towel.

    Flat bath towel.

    Lay a bath towel flat.

  2. Corners to center line.

    Corners to center line.

    Fold the edge and corners down and to the center.

  3. Roll toward center.

    Roll toward center.
    Somewhat triangular "scroll" result.

    Somewhat triangular “scroll” result.

    Roll the folded edges firmly to meet at the center

  4. Low angle view of "Z" fold.

    Low angle view of “Z” fold.

    Fold the resulting “scroll” shape in to a “Z”

  5. Arrange in smooth curves.

    Arrange in smooth curves.

    Squeeze at the corners to set the curves.

  6. Heart Swans

    Heart Swans

    Repeat for a swan companion whose neck can complete a heart shape.


  • If you’re making a pair of swans, be sure your bath towels are of equal thickness and size for best results.
  • You can add tails to your swans too. A simple “paper fan” type fold with a hand towel works well or you can make the triangular scroll shape (like you used for the body) with a hand towel and fold the two corners that you rolled back under the towel. Roll the side down a little so it goes around the part you tucked under. This resembles wings when you place it on the swan’s back with the point toward the back and helps the swan stay standing if your body tends to fall backwards.
  • This makes a great “7 Swans A Swimming” substitute if you are doing The 12 Days of Christmas for someone. You can give 7 white bath towels, fold them like swans and place the wash cloths as suggested above in a fan shape at the rear. Add the hand towels as the water underneath in a light blue color.
  • You can make swan babies with hand towels. Try for a towel swan family!